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Basic and Premium Modules for your School

School Management

This school management module is a comprehensive platform that is designed to continually improve performance by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

Class Management

This module enables the School to create Class Groups, Class Rooms, Class Timetable, Class Attendance, Class Results, Class Results Analysis and Class Promotions in the School.

HR/Employees Management

This module streamlines HR tasks like tracking employee information, managing payroll and data of administrative, academic, and non-academic staff and all user permissions

Students Management

This module allows administrators to manage student data, attendance, grades, and communication with parents. It streamlines school operations and improve student outcomes with Awards & Recommendation

Parents Managements

This module enables interaction between the school and parents/guardians of students. The Parents can see their children/wards progress, attendance, mark sheet and improves communication

Subjects Management

This module allows educators to create and manage course content and assessments of all the subjects taught in the school. These functions streamline lesson planning and improve educational outcomes.

Examinations Management

This module enables the school to create and manage a database of examinations results of all subjects taught in the school. It enables the school, students, and parents/guardians to access results of all examinations written in the school.

E-Learning Management

The E-learning management module allows educators to create, manage, and deliver online courses. These functions include assessments, progress tracking, and communication tools to facilitate remote learning.

Accounts Management

The Account management module allows you to manage the schools account and finances, track expenses, and generate financial reports. These modules improve financial transparency and aid in decision-making.

Fees Management

The Fees management module allows parents to view and pay school fees online. These module streamlines payment processing and improve financial transparency between schools and parents.

Library Management

This module enables the school to create an online library of either downloadable books and/or books availability. It allows students to access and search for books, reserve and renew books online. Improving access to educational resources.

Attendance Management

The Attendance management module allows schools to track attendance of both students and staff. It generates attendance reports, and communicate with parents. These module improves students and staff attendance.

Alumni Management

The Alumni management module allows school alumni to stay connected with their school, network with other alumni, and donate to their alma mater. These functions improve alumni engagement and fundraising efforts.

Transport Management

This module allows schools to manage transportation of students. It allows parents to track their child's school bus, bus schedule, and receive notifications. This module improves the safety and efficiency of school transportation.

Hostel Management

The Hostel management module allows schools to effectively manage hostels and facilities and allow students to view availability and pay fees online. Streamlining hostel operations and improving student living experience.




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